Quantcast Instructions for completing DD Form 1173-1


Encl. (2) to COMDTINST 5512.10
(DOD Guard and Reserve Family Member Identification Card)
CORRECTIONS. No DD Form 1173-1 will be issued which contains an erasure, alteration
or strike over. When a change is required on a card in the preparation stage, a new card will
be prepared. Cards which contain erasures, alterations or strike-overs shall be destroyed, and
the reason for destruction shall be properly recorded in the accountability log.
BLOCK BY BLOCK INSTRUCTIONS. Most entries on DD Form 1173-1 are self-
explanatory, the following instructions apply in completing the items as listed below:
Item 1:
"ISSUED TO" - Enter last name first and middle initial and the relationship code of
the sponsor. Block 35 or Block 63 of DD Form 1172 contain this information.
Example: JONES, G.A., and SP for Spouse.
[Spouses may request the card be issued in the legal name by which they are known,
such as maiden name.]
Item 2:
"HEIGHT" - Enter the dependent's height in inches. The valid range is 00 - 96
inches. Blocks 54 or 82 of DD Form 1172 apply. If the dependent's height is unknown
- leave blank.
Item 3:
"WEIGHT" - Enter the dependent's weight in pounds as prescribed in block 55 or 83
of DD Form 1172.
Item 4:
"EYE COLOR" - Enter the dependent's correct eye color as prescribed in Block 52 or
80 of DD Form 1172. Example: Brown eyes - BR.
Item 5:
"HAIR COLOR" - Enter the dependent's correct hair color as prescribed in Block 53
or 81 of DD Form 1172. Exam- ple: Brown hair - BR.
Item 6:
"SOCIAL SECURITY NO." - Enter the dependent's SSN as prescribed in Block 36
or 64 of DD Form 1172. Example: 000 00 0000.
Item 7:
"DATE OF BIRTH" - Enter dependent's date of birth as prescribed in Block 47 or 75
of DD Form 1172. Use 4 digit year, 3 character month, 2 digit day format
(YYYYMMMDD). (Use no more than 9 characters). Example: 1944SEPO1.


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