Quantcast Sample Invitational Travel Order Letter


Enclosure (1) to COMDTINST 12570.3D
Unit's address
Phone Number
TONO: (Travel Order Number)
(Social Security Number)
(Mailing Address)
Dear (Addressee):
This is to request that you proceed on or about (date of travel), from (location from which travel is
to start) to (destination of travel) for the purpose of (purpose for which travel is authorized) in
connection with the official business of the United States Coast Guard. (Provide a detailed
identification of the official business or work to be performed and its benefit to the Government.)
Upon completion of this temporary duty, the duration of which will be approximately (number)
days, your return to (location from which travel is to start) is authorized.
You are authorized to travel by coach or equivalent class on commercial plane, common carrier
and/or privately-owned conveyance. (Indicate if tickets are enclosed or where tickets are to be
obtained.) In the event a privately owned automobile is used for all or part of your travel, e.g., to or
from airports, train stations, etc., you will be reimbursed for the official use of it at the rate of
(insert current mileage rate) cents per mile provided the total cost to the Government, including per
diem, does not exceed the cost of travel by common carrier. Local travel is (or is not) authorized.
Rental car is (or is not) authorized.
While in a travel status, you will be allowed traveling expenses in accordance with Federal Travel
Regulation (FTR) which currently allow reimbursement for lodging expenses up to (indicate
current lodging rate) per day and an allowance for meals and incidental expenses of (indicate
current meals and incidental expenses rate) per day, chargeable to accounting data: (accounting
Upon completion of this travel, it is requested that your original travel orders (this letter), your
travel voucher DD Form 1351-2 (enclosure (1) to this letter), with receipts for local travel (if over
$75.00), air fare, and lodging be mailed back to:


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